«Animals cannot spell the alphabet but they can feel joy or sadness and everything between. We, the kids of the world, would like them to feel very good, for whatever happens to our fellow animals also happens to us. Our brother dog, our sister chimpanzee, our cousin the giraffe. All connected and belonging to Earth. Awake to the animals. We are W.I.M.A.M.P., we are an elephant.»

Love and care for the animal kingdom is the main topic for this 2018 collection. We asked children around the world what did they have in common with an animal; what would they say to a poacher to stop him hurting animals; what does a happy animal looks like, and to design a house where people and animals could live together. Children from Poland, Denmark, UK, Spain, Korea and Japan have participated with their drawings.

By purchasing W.I.M.A.M.P. ’18 garments you are helping to fund Jane Goodall foundation’s Roots&shoots programme for preserving endangered chimpanzees in Senegal, raising awareness among children about the importance of the ecosystem in which they live and to creating activities to protect it, fostering proactivity, empathy and cooperation.

You can learn more on janegoodallsenegal.org