We all try to do our best to take care of the World but sometimes our habits aren’t as correct as they should be. And this is because we ignore that many of the products that we use daily are harmful for the planet.

¿Do you know that glitter harms numerous fish stocks? ¿Are you using biodegradable sunscreen when you go to the beach?

In this post we are going to name 5 common products that most of us use in our daily time and that we should stop using now.


We know these are bad news for a lot of kids… but, recently, numerous studies say that glitter is damaging fish stocks in the oceans. The plastic microparticules go to the sea and affect the marine life. However, we have good news: There is biodegradable glitter! So all these girls and boys who love shining will be able to keep doing it in a sustainable way.


Can you give me a straw for my drink, please? Mistake! We don’t really need a plastic straw to take a drink and using it we are harming our oceans. Do you know that 500 million straws are used and discarded every day in the United States alone? Straws are one of the main debris found in the oceans. But once again we have sustainable options for straw lovers: there are edible straws!

Plastic bottles

We know it’s very easy to buy a small plastic bottle when we are thirsty but please, think it twice. You have a lot of options to stay well hydrated and be sustainable at the same time, the most common: glass bottles and stainless steal thermos.

Non-biodegradable sunscreen

Do you know that your sunscreen could affect the feeding of the marine species? The chemicals that contain some of these creams can kill the organisms that constitute the diet of the marine fauna. Fortunately there are biodegrable sunscreens that protect both, our skin and the marine ecosystem.

Plastic bags

The plastic bags couldn’t be missing in this list. We know that many of you are really aware of not using plastic bags and this is great. And, of course, we have many alternatives to plastic bags: organic cotton bags and shopping trolleys are our favorites. Do you know that 200 kg of plastic are poured into the sea every second?

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