The W.I.M.A.M.P. community has an official patch and every new edition of W.I.M.A.M.P. will have its own, this means you can collect them!

Are you a W.I.M.A.M.P. member and do you want your official patch? These are the steps you must follow to get it (promise it will be fun):

  1. We are going to give patches every month.
  2. To be one of the members who opt to win the patch you must participate in our monthly challenge.
  3. We will launch the challenges in our newsletter and in this site. You are going to find several challenges in this site, you will recognize the one of the patch as you read this sentence:  Official patch challenge!
  4. We will send an email to the lucky members announcing that they have get the patch.

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wimamp official Patch

Are you new around? Be part of the squad that joins forces against the monsters of pollution and teach elders how to love and care for the Earth.
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